Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Caceres Runners Club's humble beginning

Caceres Runners Club (CRC) traces its history back to the year 2010, when running events were scarce in most parts of the country. A group of regular joggers in Peñafrancia Basilica Minore compound in Balatas, Naga City formally formed the organization with Mr. Gener Mayores as the first President. Pioneering members of the organization include workmates, drinking buddies and former classmates who shared the same leisure activity.

Long before the birth of one of the earliest running clubs in the province, its founding members have been participating in the annual Milo Marathon and local runs in the province. In fact, some of them were able to experience the first running boom in the country in 1970s. Prior to the renaissance of local running in the third quarter of 2010, they would be seen as a group of pace buddies along the roads in uptown Naga during weekends or in the Basilica compound every morning.

Mr. Dennis Manaog (in navy blue shirt), the would-be Treasurer, at the first Dalagan Oragon. Mr. Jun Oba, the would-be Vice President, was the race organizer.

On March 7, 2010, the health buffs have started to join running events, albeit small, as a group. At Dalagan Oragon (3.7.10), one of the earliest locally-sponsored runs in the city, they participated. The group's next run was at I Run for Ina (5.1.10). Different groups have started forming their clubs like the Mother Seton Joggers which some members later joined CRC. Mr. Jun Ricario, Arlan Paynante and Alfred Labay with other Mother Seton Joggers at I Run for Ina.

As South Star Drug Run for Wellness (8.29.10), I Bike/Run/Walk for Ina (9.4.10) and Summit Camsur Marathon (9.26.10) were approaching, the organization decided to elect officers to plan the group's upcoming runs. On August 21, the organization which would be known as Caceres Runners Club, was founded.

Mother Seton Joggers at South Star Drug Run for Wellness and I Bike/Run/Walk for Ina.

At the inaugural Summit CamSur Marathon, majority of its members joined the 5K and 10K category while Mr. Emilio "Gab" Gavino and Mr. Noel Averilla, two of its more experienced members, completed their first full marathon. The group's debut as a running club, however, only happened on March 6, 2011 at the city government-sponsored 1st Naga City Run where Ms. Florence Florece won Second Place in the 10K women's category. Florece was a favorite in races and a perennial winner in her category until the club's star runner left for the States. On April 7, 2011, Caceres runners held the 6K Despidida Fun Run for BB Florece (4.7.11), a send-off run for the club member.

The club, also known as Team Caceres, has joined numerous runs for different causes and has traveled to different parts of the province (namely in Bombon, Buhi, Bula, Canaman, Cabusao and Gainza) to participate in town fiesta fun runs. Its members has also joined different national and international sports events such as the Unilab Run United series, Condura Skyway Marathon, Takbo RunFest, Mayon Trail Run (10.24.10), TNF100 Thrill of the Trail CamSur (5.1.11), Cobra IronMan 70.3 CamSur, and recently the Summit CamSur Marathon 2011.

Caceres runners at various running events: 34th Milo Marathon, Run for the Wetlands, Run for Lake Buhi, Healthy Hearts Run, Symmetrics Run, Run for Naga River, Pilgrimage Run, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness, TNF100 CamSur and CamSur Marathon 2011.

Since the formation of Caceres Runners Club, the small tribe of middle-aged and elderly men has remarkably grown. Today, the club has attracted over 30 members from different sectors and backgrounds including recreational runners from different companies and government agencies.

Hon. Eddie Felix S. Alteza, municipal councilor of Bombon town serves as the President with Mr. Jun Oba as the Vice President. Mrs. Eugene Florece (Secretary), Mr. Dennis Manaog (Treasurer) and Mr. Arnold Abiog (Public Information Officer) are the other officers of the club.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Road to CamSur Marathon 2011

For almost three months, I had to recover from a toenail injury which I got from TNF 22K++ semi-trail run. My training for my first full marathon started on July 3 or thirteen weeks before the CamSur Marathon 2011.

From July 3 to September 18, I covered roughly 372.84KM. The 162.8KM or 43.7% of which were from twelve races I joined in. My training mileage was only 210.04KM


I did 16K at South Star Drug Run for Wellness 2 (7.3.11). It was my "come back run" since the I Run for Ina 10K Run last May 7. I clocked at a time of 1:38:43 or 6:15mins/km covering the Plaza-Pacol-and-back route.

WEEK TWO: 28KM (2 runs)

My 1:01:27 or 6mins/km results at Dalagan para sa Karahayan (7.10.11) was two minutes shy of the record I set in 10K at Hyundai Run for a Cause. The route was tiring psychologically doing 2 loops around downtown Naga from Bicol Access Health Center in CBD2. The weather was fine. It rained before the gunstart and after the awarding ceremony.

At CamSur PNP-sponsored Run for Peace (7.16.11), I clocked at 1:41:56 or 5:45mins/km. The 18K run started at PNP Provincial HQ in Concepcion Grande to Del Rosario, Cararayan, Balatas, San Felipe, Peñafrancia, Concepcion Pequeña and back via Villa Grande Subdivision. See route map. Finishers were rewarded with a medal at the finish line. Most runners participated in shorter categories.

WEEK THREE: 15KM (1 run)

At Rinconada Eco-Uphill Run (7.17.11) in Bula CamSur, I did the 15K. It was not my first back-to-back run. (In October last year, we did the Daralaganan sa Bombon (~11K) and 34th Milo Marathon 10K.) My time here was 1:32:xx or 6mins/km. The race started a bit late but it was fun. We had boiled bananas, macaroni soup, sinuman, sweet potatoes at the finish line, and I got a shirt from one of the sponsors. Similar to the route the other day, we had to take a detour as we thought we were few kilometers away from the finish arc. With Mother Seton Joggers at the photo.

WEEK FOUR: 20KM (2 runs)

I did about 11K on Sunday. There was no other race for this week except for the for 3K run at Ignatiana Fun Run (7.29.11) in ADNU. There, I managed to set a PR at 0:15.xx or 5mins/km, and did an extra 6K easy run after the race.

WEEK FIVE: 28KM (2 runs)

I did 15K at 6:30mins/km on Sunday in preparation for the next run. At Pilgrimage Run (8.6.11) in Gainza, CamSur we joined the 15K which was actually shorter since I crossed the finish line at 1:18:xx. It could be 13KM. In the photo taken by Prez Ed are Jhun R. and sir Mhentz (left) of NSO Runners.

WEEK SIX: 24KM (3 runs)

At Run for Dan (8.7.11) held a day after the Gainza run (another back-to-back run), I was late for the gunstart but I was able to catch up. The route was 3.5KM from Plaza Quezon, Liboton, Peñafrancia Ave. and back.

On Tuesday, Mhentz and I did 10KM recon of the route of Canaman run. I recorded a PR for 10K at Canaman Historical Trail Challenge (8.13.11) in my turf. Based on my watch (I stopped the clock at KM10. Actual distance was over 400m.), I set a 0:58:58 or 5:45mins/km record. Out of more than thirty 10K runners, I finished 12th.

With Rumel (left) of SHARP Phils Runners with other running buddies at the benefit run for Dan and Canaman run.

WEEK SEVEN: 33.3KM (2 runs)

I covered 12KM from Canaman to Basilica and vice versa (6.5KM at ~7mins/km, 30 mins break, 5.5KM at ~7:30mins/km). It started at 6:30AM and arrived at 8:30AM.

At NSO Run for Quality Statistics (8.20.11), a 21.3K-run from Panganiban Ave. to Pacol and back, I secured the LAST finisher's medal. I finished 30th at 2:17:50 or 6:30mins/km, a personal record for 21K.

4.8KM (4 runs)

My mileage for this week hit the 40KM mark. I started the week with a 4KM run (~6:30mins/km). On Thursday, after realizing that I only had exactly 1 month to train, I was able to make 19.3KM (9:45mins/km) even if it was raining. See route map.

I Run for Ina (8.27.11) was a 21.5K-run from Penafrancia Shrine to Pacol, the a loop in downtown Naga and back to the shrine. I recorded 2:22:00 here, or 6:30mins/km. I paced with sir Mhentz from start to ~KM15 at 6:30min/hr or slower, and increased my pace until the finish line. It was the first time I completed a half-marathon race without walking! Could not get enough, I did another 4KM from northbound terminal to home after the race. Yay! With NSO Runners and Sonny of Gym Runners of Olympia.

WEEK NINE: 48.1KM (2 runs)

On Monday, a national holiday, I was on the road for over 5 hours. As early as 4:15AM, I hit the road. From home to Avenue Square which is 4.2KM, I jogged at a pace of 11:15mins/km. I took 28 mins break and warmed up. From Avenue Square to Pacol, Cararayan and Basilica, Alfred and I covered 17.2KM at 8:30mins/km. I decided not to ride going home. From Basilica, I took Taculod road which is 5.7KM with at the speed of 10:15mins/km. Total distance covered: 27.1KM.

On Tuesday, Caceres Runners Club decided to do the revised Milo 21KM route. I did the Galloway technique here. My pace was 8:30mins/km including 15+/-mins break with the team. Since July 3, I had been using the New Balance shoes. For this run, I tried the Adidas which gave me an injury. Or was it because of my back-to-back run, I am not sure. Some of my teammates also suffered injuries from this long run.

WEEK TEN: 66.08K
M (4 runs)

It was the the peak of my training but certainly not the toughest yet.

For the second time, I did not walk during the race. Before the gunstart of 21KM at 35th Milo Marathon (9.4.11), I was experiencing plantar fasciitis but the pain was gone around KM4. My game plan here was similar to what I did at I Run for Ina. My pace in the first half of the race was 7mins/km. Based from the official results at the Milo website, I crossed KM10.5 at 01:13:03. I increased my pace at the turning point but made sure I finish the race strong. And I did at 2:20:36 or 6:30mins/km.

With the Santoses at the finish line. Breakfast with Team Caceres at Jing's place.

Cross-training. On Tuesday, I tried swimming (300m) at Metro Naga Sport Complex. On Wednesday, I did 10KM at 8mins/km from home to Basilica via Matiway and 5 loops in Basilica. On Thursday, I was back in the pool (150m) and did 2KM in the oval.

On Saturday, I covered 33.08KM in 5 hours and 30 minutes with Alfred, Sonny, Mhentz and Riz at some points of the run. See route map.

I posted at Dailymile: "Easy run and speed work every other 30mins until KM14. [Carolina with Alfred] Uphill. Easy run and walk until KM18 then rest for 5mins. [GSP site - turn around] Downhill [with Sonny and Alfred]. Easy run and 2-min walk after every 20-15mins then 10mins rest at KM24.75. [Panicuason] Heat of the sun became punishing. [Carolina to Pacol] Washed arms and face at two water pumping stations. Started to feet [sic] the weight of the feet. [San Felipe] Easy run and 5-min walk after every 10-5mins with speed work until KM31.5. [Sonny's place] Then 5-min rest. Walking until KM33.08. [Felix's place]"

I got a new pair of shoes from Felix for my training and short distance runs. What a treat for doing such a very looong run.

WEEK ELEVEN: 41.9KM (4 runs)

Couldn't get enough of the long run we had the other day, together with Alfred, Sonny, Mhentz, Olsen, Riz and her officemates, we went to CamSur Watersports Complex from NSO Office.

I posted at Dailymile on 9.11.2011:
"Adding more kilometers to our weekend mileage before tapering for the 2011 CamSur Marathon on the 25th. Approximately 4 hours including about 30 minutes rest and sight-seeing at CWC." I covered 21.24KM.

Tuesday was an easy run from home to Basilica, istambay for few minutes, went home via Taculod (jumped on cousin's motorcycle at KM10.)

On Wednesday, with Nong2 and Jec, we joined the UNILAB Healthcare on the Road Naga City Adventure Challenge (9.14.11). It was a 14.7K run/walk/ride (approxiamately 8KM was on foot).

On Thursday, Nong2 and I had a 13.9KM easy run from home to basilica via hi-way and Matiway, to Panganiban to Bagumbayan. It had been a long since I ran in the rain.

WEEK TWELVE: 22.42KM (1 run)

The day after Fluvial Procession, I had my last run before I took some rest for the BIG DAY. It was 3 hours and 30 minutes run at 09:21min/km pace. See route map.

I posted at Dailymile: "LSD. Started at 7:15 [waited for Nong2 who did not show up] from home to Magsaysay. Walked to Basilica, to Eternal Garden where I saw Jing. Returned to Basilica weaving through a sea of devotees. Continued running along Magsaysay until CWC. Tried the final KMs of CamSur Marathon route: Lago del Rey, CWC and Capitol Convention Center. A skeleton of the Start/Finish arch is up. Walked until I reached the national highway. Got sun burn."

I had flu and sore throat after this run. At CWC, I had ice cream on stick as a treat. At home in the afternoon, I bought my self a mug of sorbetes.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

UNILAB Healthcare on the Road Naga City Adventure Challenge (9.14.11)

Nong2, Jec and I composed TEAM BONGKARAS. The other team was TEAM LGU CANAMAN composed of my other mates.

We were missing some required gears until we left home.

Saw Mhentz and Ole along the highway while we were en route to Plaza Quezon.

Club buddies, a lot of familiar faces.

START. Totally clueless with the puzzle. Was thinking of a name of a place. Half of the teams were gone still we could not get it. Called the attention of TEAM LGU CANAMAN for some clue but our marshal was there observing. Hopeless and desperate to move on, I glimpsed at the teams crowded at the START/FINISH arch getting their next clue. What??? D.I.A.T.A.B.S.!!! Went to get our passport. There was no line. Suddenly the marshal told us to form a line. One team managed to get ahead of me.

CIVIC CENTER. From Plaza Quezon, we took Panganiban Ave. We should have turned left to Mayon Ave. Jec was driving. She took Isarog Ave! Thought it was okay. We took M. Castro, Mayon, Taal streets. TEAM CRC (Jhun, Jing, Nep) was already there. We caught up, neck-and-neck until one of the rubbers of the skates-thingy snapped. Changed the equipment. We lost the momentum.

CATHEDRAL. Unfamiliar with streets in Dayangdang, we thought of taking Magsaysay Ave. then Peñafrancia. Stupid. Laughs. We passed Dayangdang and Colgante. (I PRINTED THE STREET MAP OF NAGA. IT WAS IN OUR BACKPACK. WE FORGOT TO USE IT.) I was responsible of navigating the padyak. Caught up again with TEAM CRC again! Next task was picture puzzle of the procession. Done. We were just on their tail.

TABUCO BRIDGE. "Let's take Elias Angeles St. all the way to Tabuco bridge," I commanded. Damn, the traffic. Barlin St. then Gen. Luna St. was the best option. Going on top of the bridge, we knew the marker was not there. "Could be down below at the Danlugan." We were right. Haha. TEAM CRC was struggling. But since we were THE unlucky team, we had to wait. The task should be done one team at a time! (ALL Checkpoints, except this, could be done by at least 2 teams at a time) Here, teams had to shoot one bottled water in a "salbabida" and spell INA using our body. We cheered and helped the other team on the letter A so they could move on faster. Our, turn. Yay! Nong2 could not shoot the bottle after many tries. Spelt I. N. A. easily and went off.

BASILICA MINORE. The team captain (read: I) commanded, "Panganiban Ave., then Magsaysay!" As we approach Delfin Rosales Bridge, I regained my sanity. NO! Laughs. Yes, we took Blumentritt and Dayangdang instead. At Brentwood school we saw TEAM LGU CANAMAN. Knowing we had to return to Cathedral for the next Checkpoint, we left our padyak outside Basilica. There, we had to sell candles for P30. Suddenly, a "miracle" happened here. We were done in just few seconds. We were off for our next task.

PORTA MARIAE. Here, I started to get tired and exhausted. The challenge was though. A lot different from running. Taking Dayangdang Ave., I pedaled. It was so hard. A team was catching up. I tried to block the way. My teammate told me to let them pass through. We decided to leave out padyak before Colgante Bridge since we needed to go back to City Hall afterward. Caught up again with TEAM CRC. WE HAD SO MANY CHANCES OF BEATING THIS TEAM. Other teams were also there, meaning they have caught us up, too! TEAM CRC UNDERTAKER was just two stations away from finishing the race. The task was a history quiz: arranging events related to Peñafrancia. We switched two events, got penalized for the wrong answers. I almost lost our camera here. Haha.

CITY HALL. Mad dash back to our padyak in Dayangdang. Many teams have overtaken us. We didn't know the short cut. Followed TEAM CRC UNDERTAKER. We lost them. Kagawad Alteza's other teammate must have been a professional padyak driver! We thought. We took right to Dons St., right to Ilang-Ilang St. (must have taken left!), M. Castro St., Apo St. et cetera. We realized we were at the back of City Hall. We left our padyak near the water district office. Foot race to the City Hall. Teams must unlock the chains using FIVE number combination! (Based on TEAM CRC's time in their passport, they were successful here. THIS was their break!) Later, we have known that the correct combination was the TWO digit code 14. One and Four. TWO numbers. We never saw them again. The rest of us were unfortunate in THIS particular task. WE needed to wait for our time penalty to expire before we could proceed. This was TEAM CRC UNDERTAKER'S final task.

Colgante bridge, Barangay Dayangdang

AVENUE SQUARE. Took Magsaysay Ave. Parked outside Avenue Plaza. Mad dash to the back of the hotel. "You are the last team to arrive," I told my team. Task was to get the letters of the word PEÑAFRANCIA. NO hassle, except that I was struggling in getting on my feet after collecting the letters (pasted on 1-peso coins). Finally, last stop! Peñafrancia Shrine!

Magsaysay Bridge

PEÑAFRANCIA SHRINE. Quiz again. Seemed to easy. We checked the book cover of Barrameda's The Lady of Peñafrancia to consult how many stars are there in Ina's crown. Twelve. Who introduced Divino Rostro in the procession? This or that. Done. Missed two out of five. Jec was right about Divino Rostro question. I wrote C instead of B. for 2010, the year when Portae Mariae was completed. While waiting until our time penalty expires, I told Jec to chat (flirt) with our marshal. We know we have a lot of penalties (according to the marshall). He kept telling us not to leave our padyak for it is a violation. WTF. I explained (read: argued) that it was not a penalty. Realizing arguing with the MAN was not wise, I told her to a conversation with him, ask him where he is from et cetera, so he might reconsider our "penalties." AND IT WORKED. He opined, we were quick yet we lack knowledge of the right direction.

FINISH. Everyone was there. Last task was a quiz. Still, we did not get it perfect. Haha. "We are still waiting for the last 6 teams." The host announced while we were completing the last task. Done.

Our padyak's GPS results

Don Primero for the slots), UNILAB, AND MY TEAMMATES. Thanks TEAM LGU-CANAMAN for the treats!!!

15th Place out of 25 Teams